Shadow Kin yarns

I posted about this over on the writing blog awhile back but now I have my very own stash of Shadow Kin yarns (colorways created by my sil based on my book).

So here’s a squiz.

Can’t decide which one I want to knit first….leaning towards Wraith or Half-Light


A tale of two shawls

I’ve been busy busy with writing things (my very first book comes out in just over two weeks!) but have managed to finish two more projects. I get cold easily so I’m a big fan of wraps and scarves and shawls and am trying to bolster my supply.

Firstly…a small shawl…The Age of Brass and Steam shawl out of lovely soft PearTree supersoft merino. This is gorgeous snuggled around your neck. It’s about 150cm at its widest point and 54cm deep.



The second shawl is a bit bigger. Probably about five years ago, my sil gave me a lovely smallish shawl that I use as a writing shawl. I always liked the pattern (Landscape Shawl by Evelyn Clark) so when I came across it at Bendigo last year, I bought it. And realised that you could make bigger versions. Marry that with said sil also having some gorgous deep oceany blue green 10 ply for sale at the time and a project was born. I didn’t get around to starting it until this year though but now it’s done! It’s about 170 cm wide by 93 deep, so quite a bit bigger. And that’s without being the full pattern as I didn’t have quite enough yarn. Nor have I blocked it terribly hard. It will be an extra snuggly shawl for writing or sitting on the couch in winter.



Close up

Both of these were relatively speedy projects. The grey shawl, I knitted half of jetlagged on our day of waiting for our onwards flight to NY in LA and probably could’ve knitted the rest in another day or so if I’d had another marathon session. I did an extra repeat, so mine is bigger than the pattern. The Landscape shawl takes a little bit more concentration for the changing sections but grows fast once you get the hang of it.

Now I just need yarn to arrive to my next two projects. I’m doing a Knit along with a couple of fantasy loving friends for the Dragon Wing Shawl from Knitty (waiting for a skein of Dream in Colour Baby in Bermuda Teal) and I also signed up for the Knitspot Fall in Full Color club as I’ve always liked Anne’s patterns and thought this would be a good way to ensure I make some of them. I did the pattern only option due to budget. The first pattern is a laceweight pattern but because I’m doing the shawl in a lace/light fingering, I decided to do it in 4ply, so I’m waiting on some more Dye My Pretties yarn from Stranded in Oz. I’m sure I said after Bendigo, no more yarn buying for awhile. Hopefully the next few Knitspot patterns can be accommodated out of stash! I’m still working on a pair of socks and a cabled scarf too…oh and another lace shawl. Need a clone army to get more knitting time!

More socks

It must be sock finishing week as, lo, I have managed to finish another pair.

These are the Riverbed master pattern from New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One by Cat Bordhi. Knitted in nice cushy 8ply Merino in various shades of New Greens and Blues by Stranded In Oz. I was worried about running out of the darker one so swapped to the lighter shade for the legs but I think, looking at how much yarn I used of the lighter, I might have almost made it (I’m hopeless at eyeballing how much yarn I have left). But I think they kind of look like the feet are wet, as though you stepped into a river, which is fitting given the name.

I found the pattern really easy to follow and fast to knit (yay for thicker socks), and even though these are a little big (purely due to me stuffing up somewhere in the calculations and nothing else), I’ll definitely be making Riverbed socks again. They seem to fit my high instep very nicely and the heel is very easy to do. I could’ve frogged these back a bit and fixed them but I just wanted a nice warm pair for wearing with slippers round the house and they’ll do that nicely. Plus I practiced cabling without a cable needle on the leg (which having just looked at this tutorial again, I realised I did a little bit wrong but hey, it still worked).

But next up, sockwise, I’m moving onto Cat’s other book…Personal Footprints for Insouciant Sock Knitters: Book Two in the New Pathways for Sock Knitters Series and trying that method out. Which involves….eeeek……cutting the knitting at one point! It may yet require alcohol.

For those I have this lovely stuff:

Which is the new Mitey Sock by Stranded In Oz. The colourway is KDO serendipity, one of Melissa’s random mixes…it makes me think of an underwater garden somehow.

Bendigo spoils

Have been up at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show today and this morning and thus must show off my stash enhancing aquisitions. I was relatively restrained (even though these pics may indicate otherwise)….

Bendigo Woollen Mills 8ply Alpaca…destined to be this scarf (and maybe the hat too).

Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury Merino 4ply…for a planned shawl. (more blue-grey than grey as it looks here)

More Bendigo Alpacas because it was on sale and pretty blue (probably another scarf of some sort)

A nostepinne (which one uses to wind skeins of wool into balls when one can’t be bothered hauling out the swift and the ballwinder).

Moseley Park 70% Merino 30% Tussah silk fibre (Colourway is Balm)

Tarndwarncoort 4ply Polwarth

Handpainted Finn (4ply again, I think) Love this colourway…it looks like stormclouds. Am going to have to make a shawl out of this.

And now onto the Stranded in Oz pretties. Because, let’s face it, I always buy more of Melissa’s stuff whenever I come within fifty feet of it (or even just looking at it on the interwebs). She’d outdone herself this year, simply beautiful colours and yarns. I have pics of her stand too but will check with her before posting them.

This is her June 2011 Fibre Club fibre…Merino Lyocell in Melbourne Twilights (slightly pinker than this) and Black Diamond Bamboo

Silk Sock Yarn (Ocean Blues)…will probably be another shawl and once again this yarn falls somewhat foul of the hard to photograph certain blues and greens rule! It’s even prettier in reality.

Superwash Merino 8ply (am making some handwarmers and then a matching scarf or socks)…and I will apologise for this shot as the greens just won’t photograph true to life. It really is the most beautiful malachite/good green opal green with opaline blues.

And again in “Drama Queen”

Sterling Sock Yarn in Heaven (it sparkles…I must have sparkly socks!)

And more sock yarn that has lost its tag. I think it’s the Dye My Pretties sock in Fairies in the Garden…

Btw, if anyone has SIOz yarn lust now, she’s also doing the Craft and Quilt fair in Melbourne in 2 weeks time or there’s the online store or she has a stall at the Port Adelaide Market in Adelaide every Sunday.

Some international yarn hunting

So I am currently in New York, so naturally have to check out some local yarn stores to play with some American yarn…

So far have been to Purl Soho and scored these:

Spud and Chloe Fine Sock in Calypso (which is more aqua than this pic)

Madelinetosh Tosh Merino light in Pop Rocks (awesome deep pink)

And Knitty City where I added these beauties

Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere in Bronzed Lake

And more Madelinetosh…this time the Pashmina in Ink (darker and more indigo than it looks here)

I think most of these are going to end up as shawls for me. I could do some serious damage to my credit card here but it all has to fit in the suitcase plus I have many beautiful yarns waiting for me at home too. Plus I want to have a little bit of money to spend at Bendigo!


This week has been good for the arrivals of lovely new yarn. None of which I’m allowed to play with right now as I am trying to finish revisions and other things on the needles. Will see how long that resolve lasts.

But I can take pictures!

First, June’s instalment from the Stranded In Oz One Hank Happiness Yarn Club…gorgeous icy blue semi solid wool/lyocell yarn. Destined to be the cute beanie you can see here. Which will require me figuring out the whole i-cord thing but I’m sure I can do it.

Next, Kollage Fantastic (lovely 100% Merino worsted?)

No plans yet…shall have to pick something and then acquire more! Gorgeous colour.

Third, Dream In Color Classy in Blue Lagoon from The Loopy Ewe to become a Star Crossed Beret (aka Mel learns to cable). It’s definitely hat weather this winter.

And last but not least, some lovely merino DK weight for me to attempt some Cat Bordhi New Pathways socks. Also from Stranded In Oz. This having a hand dyer in the family is kind of awesome!

And hmm, am noticing a distinct color theme in my acquisitions which will surprise no-one who knows me and my love for blues and greens (I’m sure if I looked at all my stash right now there’d be about 90% these sorts of shades and combos) but think I shall have to be radical when I go to Bendigo and branch out!

Way over the rainbow

This is the first yarn from my clever sil Melissa’s yarn club.

Hopefully I’ll get time to knit over the next few months in between writing madly!

You can still join the yarn club and get your hands on this pretty and the accompanying pattern! Head on over to Stranded In Oz.


So much yarn, so little time. My spoils from the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show. And this doesn’t include the yarn I bought because apparently I’m thinking about knitting an actual garment. This may be insane. And all Melissa’s fault as she painted most of this. And infected me with knitting germs. Oh and I also bought soap.

Tales of cute alpacas over at the writing blog.