A tale of two shawls

I’ve been busy busy with writing things (my very first book comes out in just over two weeks!) but have managed to finish two more projects. I get cold easily so I’m a big fan of wraps and scarves and shawls and am trying to bolster my supply.

Firstly…a small shawl…The Age of Brass and Steam shawl out of lovely soft PearTree supersoft merino. This is gorgeous snuggled around your neck. It’s about 150cm at its widest point and 54cm deep.



The second shawl is a bit bigger. Probably about five years ago, my sil gave me a lovely smallish shawl that I use as a writing shawl. I always liked the pattern (Landscape Shawl by Evelyn Clark) so when I came across it at Bendigo last year, I bought it. And realised that you could make bigger versions. Marry that with said sil also having some gorgous deep oceany blue green 10 ply for sale at the time and a project was born. I didn’t get around to starting it until this year though but now it’s done! It’s about 170 cm wide by 93 deep, so quite a bit bigger. And that’s without being the full pattern as I didn’t have quite enough yarn. Nor have I blocked it terribly hard. It will be an extra snuggly shawl for writing or sitting on the couch in winter.



Close up

Both of these were relatively speedy projects. The grey shawl, I knitted half of jetlagged on our day of waiting for our onwards flight to NY in LA and probably could’ve knitted the rest in another day or so if I’d had another marathon session. I did an extra repeat, so mine is bigger than the pattern. The Landscape shawl takes a little bit more concentration for the changing sections but grows fast once you get the hang of it.

Now I just need yarn to arrive to my next two projects. I’m doing a Knit along with a couple of fantasy loving friends for the Dragon Wing Shawl from Knitty (waiting for a skein of Dream in Colour Baby in Bermuda Teal) and I also signed up for the Knitspot Fall in Full Color club as I’ve always liked Anne’s patterns and thought this would be a good way to ensure I make some of them. I did the pattern only option due to budget. The first pattern is a laceweight pattern but because I’m doing the shawl in a lace/light fingering, I decided to do it in 4ply, so I’m waiting on some more Dye My Pretties yarn from Stranded in Oz. I’m sure I said after Bendigo, no more yarn buying for awhile. Hopefully the next few Knitspot patterns can be accommodated out of stash! I’m still working on a pair of socks and a cabled scarf too…oh and another lace shawl. Need a clone army to get more knitting time!