Crafty resolutions

It’s a New Year and I’ve just gotten out of the walking boot that has been firmly attached to my right foot and limiting my world somewhat for the last three months…yep, I’m a klutz who busted her ankle! Not recommended. But it’s on the mend now which hopefully means I’ll be able to use my spinning wheel and sewing machine soon.

So herewith are some crafty resolutions for the year:

1. Decrease the fibre stash with more spinning
2. Knit with said homespun
3. Knit at least one pair of socks top down…I’m a toe up gal but hey, let’s try the other way
4. Try some simple color technique (just because)
5. Make myself some more KIP bags

How about everyone else? What do you want to try this year, craft wise?



Sorry for the radio silence, I have been uncrafty Mel for a bit while I wrestled with the book and got back into the day job swing of things. But tomorrow I’m off to Brunswick to do a bag class with Nicole Mallalieu (yay!), so have been doing some homework….

Hopefully by the end of tomorrow I’ll have two new bags to show off. Then I have make-up bags to make (sorry, Ms R but I swear they’re next on the list), a quilt to bind (now that it’s turned warmer, I might even be able to use it as my summer quilt if I get organised), socks to knit and a Babette blanket to start as a summer crochet project (in the vain hope that I’ll do all the squares and be able to sew it together when it starts turning cold next year). And I still have yet to make one of the Creepy Cute Ami’s who re-ignited my knitting/crochet yen earlier this year. Plus I’ve signed up to do a Sashiko embroidery class next month at Kimono House. Who knows what that’ll lead to.

I got the blues

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday….

Skeins of blue and green deliciousness. Beautiful ten ply Australian Merino hand painted semi solids done by the clever clever clever sil (who will be at the Sock Summit this weekend and is doing the rounds of other US shows over the next few months if any of you US types want some pretties of your own). All destined to be made into a Babette blanket over time. It’s going to be a long term project because it’s almost FOUR kilometres of wool, people. But it will be very very pretty. Until then I just have to hug it and pet it and call it George because seriously it’s like all my fave colours in yarn. (well, all my fave blues and greens). My own little tropical ocean.

And now I’m thinking I need a swift and a ball winder….