War of the stitches

So I’m doing Nerd Wars on Ravelry (it’s all Jenny Crusie’s fault), and as befits a lover of Pratchett, I’m in Team UU. Basically you make stuff to fit with various challenges each month and attempt to tie them into your particular team’s fandom and general silliness ensues. But due to said warring, I have been knitting fairly consistently this month and thus have pics to show off (I will not bore you with fandom tie-ins…if you’re really interested, you can join Rav and check out the Nerd Wars forums).
Preemie hat:

Some nice warm mittens for my Mum to keep her always cold fingers from getting chilblains this winter!

And because, I am apparently in a hat mood, two hats for me:

Firstly one with cute owl cables because well, they’re cute

And lastly, furthering my goal of doing some color work this year, a stranded hat. It’s not perfect but I think it came out pretty good for my second attempt.

Stay tuned for more insanity next month….