Random pretties

Have spent part of the morning playing with my yarn stash and my new camera so I can practice with the latter and get the former up to date on Ravelry so I stop deluding myself that I have made stash inroads. There is still plenty of yarn in the stash! Maybe I need to pic a project for each yarn and not let myself buy more until I have made some of them (er apart from NY and Bendigo and, um, the box I’m expecting from Stranded In Oz, any minute now.

But it’s nice to have an excuse to fondle one’s yarn. I’m picky about how yarn feels, particularly if I’m planning it to be something that will go anywhere near my face/neck where certain wools make me itch, so my stash is just a big bundle of pretty, nice feeling things. Like a rainbow of kittens that don’t bite and scratch (or purr…ooh, purring yarn, that would be awesome! Like the living fur in Brothers In Arms.)

Anyway, having loaded all the pics onto my Rav stash, I thought I’d share a few here too. And I swear there are some things in my stash that are not blue, green or blue green. Really. Just not many. Need more pink.

Stranded In Oz Wool/Merino roving in Dark Matter (Am half way through spinning this, so this is what’s left) This is from this year’s fibre club.

Stranded In Oz Handpainted Wensleydale top in Bottle (ditto re fibre club)

Stranded in Oz Merino sock

Stranded in Oz Alpaca/Wool sock (have to knit something with this soon, so soft and squishy!) (last year’s SiOz yarn club)

Knit Picks Shimmer Lace in Shallows

String Theory Caper Sock (with Cashmere! We likey) Bye Bye Blues (gifty from Melissa, I believe)

And now, back to the non yarny world!


Bendigo spoils

Yesterday the lovely Jo and I roadtripped it up to Bendigo for the annual Sheep and Wool Show. The weather cooperated and was cold but not rainy so we could drive and traipse around the show without fearing for our lives on the highway or getting soggy at the show.

As per last year, I was hardpressed to not try and kidnap an alpaca but I resisted the urge and instead we focused our efforts on stocking up on yarn (and some lovely soaps). So herewith the booty obtained:

Pear Tree Yarn’s Supersoft 8 ply merino. Possibly destined for a small shawl of some sort. If I stop petting it.

Bamboo/Wool/Nylon sock yarn from Mosley Park. The colourway is called overcast and as we were driving back towards Melbourne in the late afternoon we decided it was well named as the sun just starting to set overcast sky was indeed these shades of pale blue and silver and sand-with-hint-of-pink.

Then of course, I had to raid Melissa’s stall as she is my favourite yarn purveyor. All attempts at self control go out the window at this point.

4 ply premium Merino Sock yarn (Loch Ness) Maybe socks. Maybe a shawl.

3ply Merino sock yarn. (Sooty). Mostly likely a scarf or shawl.

Handpainted Kollage Fantastic (10 ply merino). Not quite sure yet. (Mid-Blues)

More Premium Merino Sock yarn in what I have decided is the world’s most impossible colour to photograph. It’s more emeraldy than this and a semi-solid I guess. Beautiful in reality.

And then there was this that batted its eyelashes at me and refused to be left behind.

Laguna in Peacock.

Then, of course, after forcibly dragging ourselves away from the show, there was the Mill to be visited on the way home.

Melody in the Sapphire colorway. This ball has friends but they didn’t all want to be photographed.

To finish, the obligatory cute alpaca shot!


So much yarn, so little time. My spoils from the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show. And this doesn’t include the yarn I bought because apparently I’m thinking about knitting an actual garment. This may be insane. And all Melissa’s fault as she painted most of this. And infected me with knitting germs. Oh and I also bought soap.

Tales of cute alpacas over at the writing blog.