While I’m away

Hey folks who may have wandered¬†here…at the moment I’m not posting regularly here due to busyness.


But I do post art/craft stuff on Crossed Wires, my main blog and on Instagram where I’m @melwrites¬†and I pin some of my stuff and a LOT of inspiration art, craft and other things on Pinterest.

You can also find me at http://www.mjscott.net or http://www.melanie-scott.net if you want to know about my writing and those sites have all the usual other social media places to find me!


Practical sewing

It’s nice when two hobbies collide. Because of starting with the crochet and knitting again, I have several projects on the go. And a rapidly increasing collection of knitting needles and crochet hooks.

All of which require project bags and storage. Hey, I can make those, thinks me (though okay, I caved and actually bought myself a knitting bag…a lovely Namaste Malibu in Peacock but mostly because I really liked it as a handbag…I have this handbag problem and one of my faves came to a cat induced unfortunate end recently).

So last weekend I did some experimenting. And then I realised that maybe the superknitting sil probably should be the first recipient given she’s gives me good deals on wool and needles and is partly responsible for me taking this stuff up again. She likes dogs and retro prints, and now that Australia Post has delivered them I can reveal:

Knitting needle roll (all circular needle sized)

There’s heaps of knitting needle roll tutorials on the web and I took ideas from a few of them to come up with this one. I’ll probably tweak it a bit more when I make one for me.

And then a couple of project pouches. The rectangular one is also a mash up of some internet tutorials and a Lazy Girl designs pattern I had. I was aiming for a square so need to change the measurements a little. More tweaking when I do it for me. The pyramid purse is based on this free pattern by Nicole Mallalieu. I made mine bigger (from memory a 22 by 40cm rectangle) and the size came out about perfect for a small project like socks with one ball of wool and your circulars. Or a crochet project. After I make some for me, I’m going to try some drawstring project bags too. Small projects like this are great because you can do them in a couple of hours. When you spend a lot of time doing long projects like say, writing novels or making quilts, small fast projects are a good way to get that nice sense of “yay, done”.