I got the blues

Look what arrived in the mail yesterday….

Skeins of blue and green deliciousness. Beautiful ten ply Australian Merino hand painted semi solids done by the clever clever clever sil (who will be at the Sock Summit this weekend and is doing the rounds of other US shows over the next few months if any of you US types want some pretties of your own). All destined to be made into a Babette blanket over time. It’s going to be a long term project because it’s almost FOUR kilometres of wool, people. But it will be very very pretty. Until then I just have to hug it and pet it and call it George because seriously it’s like all my fave colours in yarn. (well, all my fave blues and greens). My own little tropical ocean.

And now I’m thinking I need a swift and a ball winder….



Mel made…a wise little Owlet.

Mel gave a wise little Owlet to her wise little Mum.

Wise little Mum showed wise little Owlet to wise little Mum’s friends.

Mel now apparently needs to make more Owlets…..

I shall have to blame Roman Sock for the irresistible cuteness of her patterns.

A new skill

So lately I’ve started to knit again but also I’ve been learning to crochet.

Mostly because I found this guy in a market and thought he was adorable and worth learning to crochet for.

He’s from Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden which I promptly acquired. Since then I’ve been practicing and getting the hang of the whole hook thing. My mum didn’t crochet neither did either of my grandmothers so I never learned growing up.

So far I haven’t made a creepy amigurumi yet but I did make this little dude the other day.

He’s Roman Sock’s elephant pattern (I think her ami’s are some of the cutest round the web). I used Patons Zhivago which is slightly fluffy and learned a lesson about the difficulty of seeing stitches clearly when working in slighly shiny slightly fluffy yarn. Which means he’s a slightly wonky heffalump but he’s still pretty cute. I’m still getting the hang of working in the round and doing spirals (much counting of stitches) but I’ll get there. I’ve also been practicing granny squares and increases and decreases as homework from my crochet class. I think a wampyr buddy for my Adelaide Drac is next on the list now that I’ve acquired some non shiny non fuzzy black and white yarn.

Inevitably the returning to yarn-y crafts means I’ve discovered Ravelry (I’m bookgal71 if anyone’s on Rav). Seriously, when it comes to crafty things, the internet is a fabulous invention. Tips, advice, techniques, videos (I’m a surprisingly visual learner when it comes to knitting and crochet. For some reason I really need to see things for them to click. Some weird hand/eye link), more free patterns than you can poke a stick at and general goodness to keep me inspired and help me try stuff out.

Hopefully this blog will track some of my adventures along the way.