I’m adding a resolution. This year I’m also going to knit a cardigan or a sweater or something. The idea freaks me out a little and I don’t know why (really, there’s just as many stitches in a pair of socks as a thicker wool sweater). Maybe it’s the thought of working out the shaping so they actually fit nicely. Math! (Hah, I am an ACCOUNTANT, I laugh at math, I can use spreadsheets and calculators just fine).

Besides, I live in cardigans and hoodies and jumpers. It’s ridiculous not to make my own.

Plus, I spotted this on Pinterest the other day…pale grey and dark blue and really just beautiful (clicking through the pin should take you to the Rav project page). I wanna make something as pretty!

So in true Virgo fashion, I am going to test out my theory on a couple of doll/baby sweaters. Get my head around making a cardigan or sweater top down because, while I don’t mind sewing things up, knitting things in one piece has to be simpler. Then I shall attempt something bigger. Along with the colorwork and the socks and the everything else on the list. In my copious spare time : )

PS I am very excited because I find out my Nerd Wars team tomorrow!

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